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5 Things Non-Profits Need for Succession Planning … Besides Money

5 Things to Non-Profits Need for Succession Planning … Besides Money

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TurningWest, an organization and leadership development firm, asks:

Is your non-profit confidently prepared for succession planning? Truly?​​

When you need a bridge between your current non-profit leadership and the next season of your organization, you need more than a job description and a set of interview questions for proper succession planning.

Here are 5 things successful non-profits need for succession planning that have nothing to do with money:

  1. A solid statement of what your organization exists to do
  2. A solid plan for getting there
  3. A proven strategy for choosing a successor for your current leadership
  4. A leadership structure that supports both internal and external interests
  5. A committed staff and system of volunteers who buy into the organization’s mission and leadership strategies

You need a deeper understanding of your non-profit organization’s “DNA” and how to equip both the organization and its new leader to position it strategically for momentum.

TurningWest, Inc. offers a robust, insightful approach to bringing your board, staff and stakeholders along as one, with a common understanding of your core identity and chosen culture. Read what other clients have to say about us here.

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